Food isn’t just for eating

At Mercato, we don’t just like food...we love it. And we believe that anything worth loving is worth sharing. That means we don’t just share the food on our menu - we share the very ingredients and recipes that went into making them. There’s no secret to what we do. All we do is use the best practices, the freshest ingredients and simple recipes mixed together with passion, dedication and love.

So drop by our cosy restaurant in the heart of DIFC to experience the best of Italian cuisine, made using classic recipes passed down through generations, without ever having to leave Dubai.


Italian Restaurant and Takeaway

Good food doesn’t keep office hours.

Good food can and should be enjoyed anywhere. Whether youre dining in, dining out or digging in from behind your desk at work, Mercato brings you the best in food wherever you are.

Choices include takeaway, delivery, catering and even raw ingredients to help you prepare our dishes yourself, empowering you to bring the Mercato experience to your boardroom, your office and even your home


Food is social, and so are we. Stay up to date on everything thats good, fresh and delicious.

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  • Are you ready for our last and final stop? It's going to be a good one…
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded
  • Have you tried our dishes from Florence yet? With only a few days left, there is still time!  Can't stay? Hit us up on @deliveroo_ae and we'll bring a piece of Italy to you.
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded
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  • Our final dish on the Florence menu is for all the sweet tooths out there - Crema Florentina, a set custard based style of ice cream with almond and crumbled amaretti biscuits. 
It's an ideal Summer favorite!
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #DessertLovers  #EatLikeAnItalian
  • What do you call a fake noodle?.... An impasta…! Life's too short to eat anything else 🍝
#MercatoSummer #WanderlustOnABudget
  • Treat yo'self and indulge in all Italy has to offer in the heart of DIFC, join us for an Italian brunch this weekend
#MercatoSummer #Weekend #Brunch #EatLikeAnItalian
  • Heres an interesting fact: The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore took over 140 years to complete and has the largest masonry dome in the world
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded
  • For all the dessert lovers, we have something extra special for you to indulge in. Your mouth will be salivating for our Crema Florentina…
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #TravelWithYourTastebuds
  • Our next mouth watering dish available on our limited summer menu that we know you'll love is 'Tagliatelle Gialle' Fresh tagliatelle pasta, crumbled Italian beef sausage with a saffron and white sauce makes it Mecarto’s version of this classic.
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded #EatLikeAnItalian
  • Fun facts about Florence: 
Florence attracts over 10 million visitors per year and also is the home of Leonardo De Vinci
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded
  • Keep calm and eat pasta! 
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded #EatLikeAnItalian
  • La Dolce Vita - live the sweet life and order in late breakfast from us
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded
  • We have just arrived in Florence which means trying the local food is a must! This is a very popular street food dish which includes  cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables and our version of Gnocco Fritto, rectangles of baked bread. If you're feeling extra hungry then this is the dish for you!
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer #NoPassportNeeded #EatLikeAnItalian
  • We have got some very exciting news! (drumroll please)🥁
Our @deliveroo_ae hours have now extended until 8:30pm, which means you can now enjoy all your favourite dishes for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!
#Delivery #Deliveroo #ItalianFood #DIFC
  • Welcome to Florence! Its time to explore all that this great city has to offer. Hang out with us while we take you on a journey and treat you to some of Florence's delicious food. Don't forget to send an old fashioned postcard to all your friends that are actually on vacation!
#Florence #Italy 
#WanderlustOnABudget #MercatoSummer
  • Vespa's at the ready as we take you to our next Italian foodie destination 🛵
#MercatoSummer #Italianfood #DIFC
  • It's Summertime and the livin's easy
#MercatoSummer #ItalianSummer
  • Amore al primo morso - love at first bite with our freshly made pastries
#MercatoSummer #TravelWithYourTasteBuds
  • First we eat, then we do everything else
#MercatoSummer #ItalianFood #DIFC
  • La vita inizia dopo il caffe - life begins after coffee
#MercatoSummer #DIFC
  • There's still time to wrap your tastebuds around our Venice inspired dishes... Try them before they're gone!
#Italy #WithoutTheBoardingPass #DIFC


Contact Number : +971 4 320 5207