Treat your office to a little something special. Mercato offers quick, easy and above all delicious breakfast, lunch and afternoon catering services. Add a little Euro-Italian heart, hospitality and cuisine to your next workplace meeting, event or celebration, anywhere in Dubai.



• House Made Granola, Nuts, Fresh Berries, Almond Milk

• Parfait, Fresh Fruit, Yoghurt, Granola, Honey

• Vanilla Chia Pudding, Almond Milk, Fresh Berries

• Fruit Salad, Fresh Mint, Greek Yoghurt, Honey



• House made Dried Fruit Flapjack Bars

• Danishes

  (Apple, Apricot, Almond, Custard, Pistachio, Chocolate)

• Muffins

  (Chocolate, Raspberry, Cranberry, White Chocolate, Apricot, Banana)

• Muffins

  (Plain, Almond, Zataar, Cheese, Chocolate)

• Bite Sized Quiches

  (Smoked Salmonand Leek, Field Mushroom, Turkey Bacon and Gruyere)

• Fresh Bomboloni, (Coconut, Nutella, Apricot, Plain, Custard)

• Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, Biscotti, Amaretti)

• Bread Basket (Homemade Preserves, Butter, Cream Cheese)

  Zataar and Labneh Spread, Sundried Tomato Tapenade



• Bite Sized Avocado on Toast, Quail Egg, Truffle Mushroom Duxelle

• Turkey Bacon Slider, Egg, Cheddar, Tomato Jam

• Bagels (Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Chives, Labneh and Zataar,

  Turkey Bacon and Cheddar, Deviled Egg Smoked Paprika Mayo)

• Filled Croissants

  (Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese & Chives, Smoked Turkey and Cheese, Bresola and Mozzarella)



  Orange, Pineapple, Lemon Mint,

  Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Carrot, Apple



  15 per person



• Rise & Shine:

  Carrot, Orange, Apple, Beetroot, Red Turmeric, Ginger 24

• Cold Defense:

  Carrot, Orange, Lime 20

• Tropical Treat:

  Pineapple, Mango, Orange, Passionfruit 22

• Green Machine:

  Green Apple, Spinach, Kale, Cucumber, Parsley 24

• Midnight Madness:

  Lemon, Lime, Agave Syrup, Activated Charcoal 23

• Purple Haze:

  Beetroot, Blueberry, Carrot, Lemon 22




• Grilled Spring Vegetables, Orzo Pasta, Fresh Basil,

  Sundried Tomato Dressing (V)

• Tuna, Orecchiette Pasta, Grilled Corn, Parsley,

  Sweet Peppers, Creamy Lemon Dressing

• Roasted Fennel, Fresh Herbs, Lollo Rossa, Frisee. Spinach,

  Grilled Eggplant, Crispy Cauli?ower, Fennel Dressing (V)

• Cannellini and Butter Bean Salad, Fresh Parsley, Chili Flakes,

  Spring Onion, White Balsamic Dressing (V)

• Grilled Chicken and Rocket, Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan,

  Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Focaccia Croutons



• Rosemary and Garlic Grilled Steak, Sauteed Peppers,

  Caramelized Onions, Smoked Provolone 54

• Veal Parmesan, Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Pesto,

  Sauteed Mushrooms 52

• Breasola, Rocket, Pecerino, Sliced Tomato,

  Sundried Tomato Mayo 50

• Pesto Chicken Breast, Spinach, Tomato,

  Grilled Zucchini, Reduced Balsamic 47

• Eggplant Parmesan, Tomato, Mozzarella, Basil Pesto,

  Lemon Rocket (V) 42

• Marinated Sweet Red Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella,

  Reduced Balsamic, Grilled Eggplant (V) 40



• Cannoli, Sweet Ricotta, Crushed Pistachio 9

• Mini Tiramisu Cups 9

• Blueberry Panna Cotta 9

• Traditional Biscotti Bites 9




• Bresaola Carpaccio Roll, Lemon Rocket, Fig Balsamic Glaze 10

• Mini Veal Parmesan Slider, Arugula, Pesto Aioli 12

• Chicken Cacciatore Skewers 9



• Potato, Smoked Trout, Caramelized Onion Frittata 10

• Hazelnut Crusted Prawns, Tarragon Cream 12

• Saffron Arrancini, Crab Meat Stuffing 11



• Polenta Cake, Chevre, Pesto, Tomato Con?t 9

• Truffle Mushroom Bruschetta, Ricotta Salata 10

• Caprese Skewers, Grape Tomato, Fresh Basil,

  Reduced White Balsamic 8



• Margherita, Fresh Basil 7

• Three Cheese, Pecorino, Buffalo Mozzarella, Smoked Provolone 9

• Bresaola, Arugula 9

• Spicy Sausage, Mushroom, Onion 8



• Cannoli, Sweet Ricotta, Crushed Pistachio 9

• Mini Tiramisu Cups 9

• Blueberry Panna Cotta 9

• Traditional Biscotti Bites 9



All platters come with house made bread basket, crostinis and bread sticks



• Grilled Fennel, Zuchinni, Aubergine, Fire Roasted Peppers,

  Portobello Mushrooms, Radicchio, Rapini, Basil Pesto,

  Lemon Mayonaisse, Marinated Olives 375



• Sliced Bresola, Veal Ham, Beef Salami, Soppresseta,

  Provolone, Mozzarella, Sundried Tomato Pesto,

  Fire Roasted Peppers, Roasted Garlic Bulbs 550



• Talleggio, Fresh Mozzarella, Pecerino, Gorgonzola,

  Herbed Boccancinni, Roasted Sea Salt Almonds,

  Fig Jam, Grapes, Strawberries 525



• Oregano and Thyme Dry Rubbed Whole Tenderloin,

  Balsamic Roasted Cipollini Onions, Cheese Stuffed

  Peperoncini, Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Mustard,

  Horseradish, Mayo 620



• Rosemary and Garlic Chicken, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes,

  Grilled Portabello Mushrooms, Zuchinni Slices,

  Sundried Tomato Dip, Lemon Herb Mayo 600


Fresh. Real. Italian.

You don’t need to visit the city of Bologna for the true taste of tortellini…in fact, you don’t even need to leave your desk! Our passionate chefs use tried, tested and closely-guarded recipes to whip up genuine Italian fare, while our catering team will deliver, set up and serve it to your hungry staff.


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