Don’t have the time to get to Mercato? Then let Mercato come to you. Quick and easy delivery to anywhere within DIFC means a delicious hearty lunch can be served at your desk to fuel your busy work day.


  • Ferro Salad 𝒟𝒩𝒱 AED 42

    Baby Spinish, Rasin, Pinenuts, Goat Cheese, Pears, Grapes, Balsamic Dressing.

  • Burrata 𝒟𝒱 AED 58

    Burrata, datterini tomatoes, basil

  • Rucola 𝒟𝒱 AED 46

    Wild rocket, datterini tomatoes, shaved grana Padano cheese, balsamic dressing

  • Insalata frutta e verdure 𝒩𝒱 AED 48

    Kale, baby gem, orange slice, haas avocado, caramelized pecan, agave dressing

  • Kale Quinoa 𝒟𝒩𝒱 AED 65

    Quinoa, Kale, Cucumber, Pinenuts, Sundried Tomatos, Lemon Dressing, Pesto, Capsicum

  • Pollo e Parmigiano 𝒟 AED 54

    Chicken breast, baby gem lettuce, sun dried tomatoes, grana padano cheese, tarallo croutons, caesar dressing

  • Melanzana 𝒟𝒱 AED 42

    Oven baked eggplant, fior de latte, tomato sauce

  • Salmon Black Rice𝒱 AED 48

    Black rice, Grean Peas, Datterini, Carrots, Lemon Dressing.

  • Mix Salad AED 28

    Spinach, Datterini, Carrot, Cucumber, Blueberry, Lettuce Lemon Dressing.

  • Insalata Mediterranea AED 42

    Pasta, Scamorza, Cheese, Artichokes, Tunna, Bell Pepper, Tomatoes, Corn.

  • Extra AED

    Chicken Breast 10 | Half haas avocado 9 | 100 gr yellow fin Tuna 15 | 50 gr Beef bresaola 16 | Smoked salmon 16


      Our homemade pasta is made fresh every day from Italian Piantoni milled 00 flour.

  • Fettuccine Mercato 𝒟 AED 56

    Prawns, datterino tomatoes, tomato & burrata sauce, basil

  • Raviolo alla norma 𝒟𝒩𝒱 AED 48

    Eggplant Raviolo, salted grated ricotta cheese, tomato sauce

  • Tagliolini cacio e pepe
    con tartufo 𝒟𝒱
    AED 54

    Cacio e Pepe Sauce, truffle oil

  • Tortelli panna e prosciutto 𝒟 AED 48

    Ricotta and spinach Torrtelli, veal ham cream & porcini mushroom sauce

  • Tagliatelle alla Bolognese 𝒟 AED 46

    Beef Bolognese, grana padano cheese

  • Gnocchi alla Sorrentina 𝒟 AED 48

    Tomato, fior di latte, basil, parmesan

  • Linguine al Pesto 𝒟𝒩 AED 48

    Pesto, pecorino, grana Padano and basil

  • Lasagna di Carne 𝒟 AED 54

    Beef ragu, bechamel sauce, grana padano whole wheat fettuchine available


  • Cake of the day AED 27

  • Cannoli siciliani 𝒟𝒩 AED 20

    sicilian cannolo filled with sheep ricotta and pistachio

  • Tiramisu 𝒟𝒩 AED 24

    lady finger with coffee, mascarpone and cocoa powder

  • Ice cream and Sorbet AED 10

    ask for flavor available | 1scoop


  • Margherita 𝒟𝒱 AED 48

    Fior di latte cheese, tomato sauce, basil

  • Salame e Pecorino 𝒟 AED 54

    Tomato base, beef salami, pecorino cheese

  • Bresaola 𝒟 AED 58

    Tomato base, bresaola, rocket, cherry tomatoes, grana padano

  • Bianca 𝒟 AED 48

    Fiodilatte, goat cheese, taleggio, gorgonzola

  • Prosciutto e Funghi 𝒟 AED 54

    Tomato base, veal ham, mushrooms, fiordilatte

  • Vegetariana 𝒟 AED 48

    Eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, fiordilatte, Pumpkin

  • Quattro stagioni 𝒟 AED 52

    Veal ham, mushrooms, artichoke, eggplant, olives

  • Fresca 𝒟 AED 58

    Tomato base, buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes

  • Master Pizza AED 54

    Tomato base, buffalo mozzarella, basil


  • Alla Milanese 𝒩 AED 44

    Breaded fried chicken breast, plum tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise

  • Bresaola e Grana𝒟 AED 48

    Bresaola, grana Padano, rocket cherry tomatoes balsamic dressing

  • Caprese 𝒟 AED 42

    Fiordilatte, tomatoes, basil

  • Focaccia Genovese 𝒟 AED 48

    Veal ham, buffalo mozzarella

  • Tuna Sandwich AED 42

    White Bread, Mayo Tuna, Cappers, Parsley, Sundry Tomato, Rocket, Tomato

  • Vegetarian Tramezzino AED 30

    Cream Cheese, Grilled Viges, Mint

  • Foccacia Prosciutto AED 32

    Mayo, Veal Ham, Tomato, Lettuce


  • Salmone alla griglia con
    AED 72

    Grilled Scottish Salmon with Lentil and Potatoes

  • Polpette al sugo della nonna 𝒟𝒱 AED 78

    Beef meatballs in a rich tomato sauce

  • Pollo alla griglia con patate AED 74

    Chicken breast with baked potatoes

𝒱= Vegetarian 𝒟= Dairy 𝒩= Nuts 𝒮= Shellfish