Food isn’t just for eating

At Mercato, we don’t just like food...we love it. And we believe that anything worth loving is worth sharing. That means we don’t just share the food on our menu - we share the very ingredients and recipes that went into making them. There’s no secret to what we do. All we do is use the best practices, the freshest ingredients and simple recipes mixed together with passion, dedication and love.

So drop by our cosy restaurant in the heart of DIFC to experience the best of Italian cuisine, made using classic recipes passed down through generations, without ever having to leave Dubai.


Italian Restaurant and Takeaway

Good food doesn’t keep office hours.

Good food can and should be enjoyed anywhere. Whether youre dining in, dining out or digging in from behind your desk at work, Mercato brings you the best in food wherever you are.

Choices include takeaway, delivery, catering and even raw ingredients to help you prepare our dishes yourself, empowering you to bring the Mercato experience to your boardroom, your office and even your home


Food is social, and so are we. Stay up to date on everything thats good, fresh and delicious.

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  • Where are you headed this Eid Al Adha break? We’ll be dreaming of the blue Maratea seas!
  • It’s just about time for a lunch break! Why not stop by for a slice (or 5 🙈) of the best pizza DIFC has to offer?
  • Our cakes are the best midweek pick me up! Grab a slice or special order a full cake for any occasion!
  • With food this authentic you’ll have a hard time believing you haven’t just stepped into Italy!
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  • We’re open and ready to serve you Italian goodness from 9am to 10pm in the weekends! Come join us for brunch!
  • While there are renovations happening around us, Italy works on!
We’re open every weekday from 7am to 10pm and 9am to 10pm on the weekends!
  • Where did you escape to this summer? We’re still dreaming of the picturesque Trentino-Alto Adige!
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  • In need of a caterer? Look no further than @MercatoAE!
  • Take a closer look at our Chocolate Nutella Cake! 
Did you know you can now pre-order cakes at Mercato?
  • Travel to Italy with just a bite of our classic Italian dishes! We’re open to 9am to 10pm for dine in and delivery all weekend long!
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  • Did you know that you can now pre-order cake at Mercato? We offer flavours like Chocolate Nutella, Coconut, Strawberry Mascarpone, & Vanilla Pear Cake!
  • Have you taken a look at our summer catering specials? Contact our team to find out more!
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  • Taste the authentic flavors of Italy at @MercatoAE
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  • Try our classic Italian pasta! It’s made fresh every morning by our talented team!
  • Come by for a lunch date and try our pasta of the day!
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  • Whether you’re boarding the next flight to Rome or spending the summer at home, make sure to get a taste of classic Italian cooking!
Come grab a bite at @mercatoae from 9am to 10pm every weekend! Or order with us through @zomatouae!
  • Mercato delivery is always here to cater to you late night cravings! Get our food delivered straight to your doorstep with @zomatouae!
  • Our talented chefs hand make our pasta daily! This afternoon, why not try a bite of our deliciously fresh scialatielli?
  • Today’s destination is the beautiful Matera! No need to step foot outside of your home, we’ll bring the taste of Italy straight to your doorstep with our delivery from 7am to 10pm!
  • Take a look at our talented chef making some Tagliatelle!


Contact Number : +971 4 320 5207